2023 GreenKeeper University Course Registration Now Open

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The team at GreenKeeper University is excited to announce that the course schedule and registration page for the 2023 academic season is now live!

GreenKeeper University is a convenient online educational program that offers courses in the field of turfgrass science. Unlike one-hour conference sessions or brief webinars, GreenKeeper University courses dive deeper into the information over the course of three to twelve weeks. The professors will have time to explain advanced topics and students will be able to interact with other learners and the instructors. The content is mix of self-paced video lectures, short reading, and live ZOOM meeting with the instructors. Invest in yourself and earn an introductory certificate or GKU diploma.

Earn an Introductory Certificate in Turfgrass Science

The widely successful Great Lakes School of Turfgrass Science is now part of GreenKeeper University. Two parallel tracks will be offered beginning in January 2023: Cool-Season Golf and Cool-Season Lawns/Grounds/Sports. These comprehensive introductory 12-week online schools are taught by university turfgrass scientists and educators. This program first launched as the Great Lakes School of Turf Sciences and is now expanding beyond the Midwest. It provides participants with the science-based principles needed to effectively manage turf for recreation, sport, aesthetics and environmental protection.

Students who successfully complete the 12-week curriculum will receive a certificate. Learn more and register at GreenKeeperApp.com or at LearnTurf.com.

Advance your knowledge and earn your diploma

The Advanced course offerings in GreenKeeper University are led by educators, researchers, and experts in their respective fields. Nine of the seventeen different Advanced course will be taught in 2023. These course are three to nine weeks in length and are a mix of recorded lectures and live discussion sections.

  • Diseases of Cool-Season Turf – Dr. Paul Koch – 1/30 to 3/10
  • Integrated Pest Management – Dr. Jim Kerns – 1/9 to 2/17
  • Mastering Management and Communication – Michael Morris, CGCS – 1/9 to 2/17
  • Precision Turf Management – Drs. Bill Kreuser & Michael Carlson – 1/30 to 3/10
  • Programming PGRs – Dr. Bill Kreuser – 1/9 to 1/27
  • Turfgrass Drainage – Dr. Alec Kowalewski – 2/20 to 3/10
  • Turfgrass Irrigation – Dr. Doug Soldat – 1/30 to 2/17
  • Understanding and Using Soil Testing – Dr. Doug Soldat – 1/9 to 1/27
  • Weed ID and Control – Dr. Aaron Patton – 1/9 to 3/10

Each course is worth one to three badges depending on course duration. Three weeks of instruction is worth one badge. Earn 18 of the available 28 badges to receive a GreenKeeper University Diploma in Turfgrass Science and Management.

Read the course descriptions, and see the courses planned to be taught in 2024, and register for the 2023 offerings at GreenKeeperApp.com or at LearnTurf.com.

Invest in yourself this off-season with GreenKeeper University.

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