About Us

GreenKeeper is the essential decision-support tool for the golf and sports turf industries. GreenKeeper was developed by Dr. Bill Kreuser at the University of Nebraska to make spraying PGRs easier and more efficient. In 2017, Dr. Kreuser teamed up with Dr. Doug Soldat at the University of Wisconsin to expand GreenKeeper to include integrated soil testing, nutrient management planning, and more. Our vision is “to transform how the turf industry makes decisions. Continue to discover and share turf research with the world.”  

Why GreenKeeper is Different

A successful management tool needs to help turf managers quickly integrate and analyze data to provide guidance when making management decisions. If the tool does not make the superintendents jobs easier and more efficient, it will not find widespread use. GreenKeeper uses advanced algorithms to model plant growth regulator performance, predict disease outbreak pressure, and create nutrient management recommendations from site specific data. Because of its usefulness, GreenKeeper has become one of the most widely used decision support tools in the golf turf industry with no formal marketing. Other turf apps ask superintendents to enter data without an immediate return on that investment. GreenKeeper users enter product application data, and in return, have advanced analytics to understand how their product and fertilizers are impacting their courses’ performance.